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Some Good Reasons to Move to Ireland
-Irish people are welcoming, accepting and friendly. -A strong community mentality exists. -You can start a conversation with strangers in Ireland without getting strange looks. -A strong social network or community can provide support in good and bad times. -97% of Irish people say they know someone they could rely on in time of need. -51% reported having helped a stranger in the last month. -84% of people in Ireland reported to be in general good health. -73% of people say they are reasonably happy with their lives. -The most positive attributes identified by US Corporations concerning Ireland as a location of choice for foreign direct investment (F.D.I) are its competitive tax regime, English speaking and skilled workforce, ease of access and Government incentives. -Breathe clean fresh air in Ireland. -Ireland is a safe place to live and is much lower in crime rates than other OECD countries. Overall Ireland scored 8.6 out of 10 for safety in the OECD survey. -The quality of housing in Ireland exceeds most countries. -Road, rail and air travel improvements have made travel easier. -Most Irish villages have improved under F.A.S schemes.
UK Buyers Looking for bargins in Ireland
British residents and many Irish migrants moving back home are taking advantage of lower property prices in Ireland. Many people buying properties today at rock bottom prices had given up on ever being able to return to Ireland again when prices went through the roof during the so called boom years. However they now have one last chance in this generation to purchase properties for retirement and investment in Ireland at prices so low that they never in their wildest dreams could have foreseen. Property in Ireland has reached rock bottom and price have now begun to rise. By selling a terraced home in the UK the proceeds will buy a detached bungalow in good condition with half an acre of land and views for less than 150,000(about 122,000 sterling). So people can now afford to move. UK buyers can get the last deals in the West of Ireland e.g County Mayo where the majority of properties in this area are for sale well below their build cost and many at half or less prices than they were in the mid to late 1990s. Many are buying second holiday homes and others moving back lock stock and barrel. For some people owing an Irish Cottage is much better than watching their savings diminish. The move to Ireland is popular with people looking for self-sufficient lifestyles and older couples retiring or wanting to be nearer children or grandchildren. We also get people who were born in Ireland, but have lived in the UK most of their lives now availing of the rock bottom prices returning home.
Property Swap
If you have a property to sell, you will know only too well how hard it is to find that elusive buyer. What if you could find someone in the same situation who wants to move to your area and you would like to move to their area??? We will help you to find that match. E-mail us. enquiries@finnauctioneers.com If you want to move from one country to another e.g. Ireland to Spain or Spain to Ireland contact us . There is sure to be someone out there who wants what you have. So contact us. enquiries@finnauctioneers.com